Historic Building Recording

A programme of Historic Building Recording may be required in advance of alterations to an historic building or buildings.

Proposed alterations to an historic building or buildings may prompt a requirement from a local planning authority, for a programme of Historic Building Recording. The application of archaeological methods to the study of historic buildings can reveal significant evidence relating to past use and development over time.

Requirements for Historic Building Recording are commonly referenced to levels of recording and analysis set out by English Heritage in the document Understanding Historic Buildings: A Guide to Good Recording Practice. Levels identified in the document range from photographic recording with summary interpretation (Level 1), to detailed drawn and photographic recording accompanied by in-depth analysis and background research to determine a building's significance (Level 4).

Witham Archaeological Services has substantial expertise in the photographic recording and interpretation of vernacular buildings - in particular historic agricultural buildings. We would be glad to provide a fixed cost quotation for your project.